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Business Services from FTS Facilities are all-encompassing and can assist in a variety of different areas in your business. We specialise in filing, document and data storage. Our extensive experience can help your business to become more organised as well as compliant with laws and legislation. We also provide mail room management and courier services, helping your company’s logistics to run as smoothly as possible.

Our translation services can also help your employees to perform their roles effectively, facilitating efficient communications wherever you do business. We also provide holiday cover and perform roles such as porterage to keep your business running in a smooth and professional manner. Here at FTS Facilities, we work hard to ensure each of our services are delivered at a high standard. Not only do we specialise in helping your business in its current location, we also provide expert assistance on site relocations.

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Filing & Storage Services

We specialise in filing and storage solutions in a range of different industries. Whether you work in healthcare, retail... MORE +

Mail Room Management Services

Our mailroom management services can be invaluable to medium and large-scale businesses, helping to improve security... MORE +

Data Entry & Data Cleansing Services

Here at FTS Facilities, we offer a range of data entry and cleansing services to help save you time... MORE +

Translation Services

Our translation services team can help you to communicate effectively with whomever you need. Whether you’re doing business... MORE +

Holiday Cover Services

In businesses with large numbers of employees, it can be challenging to accommodate annual leave with the appropriate cover... MORE +

Courier Services

A superior courier service is always worth the investment. Ensuring a prompt and reliable delivery is often the difference... MORE +

Relocation Services

We boast extensive experience in business relocations across both public and private sectors. Efficiency and cost effectiveness are key... MORE +

Porterage Services

Our market knowledge and extensive experience allow us to provide superior porterage services for all occasions... MORE +

Recruitment Services

Recruitment is a labour-intensive process that can be both difficult and expensive. We are both skilled and very experienced... MORE +

Document Management Services

Our trained and experienced members of staff can assist your company in all aspects of document management... MORE +


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